Two Food Options That Can Damage And Stain Your Pearly Whites

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Two Food Options That Can Damage And Stain Your Pearly Whites

5 September 2014
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If you are like most people, you eat and drink a variety of foods every day, but you may not realize that there are some foods and beverages that are more harmful to your teeth than others. By avoiding these food options, you can help ensure your teeth do not develop difficult-to-remove stains. In particular, there are two options you should avoid the next time you sit down to have a meal. 

Coloured Sauces

If you are a fan of pasta, you may be exposing your teeth to damaging sauces. Many people do not realize that the sauce on your pasta can permanently stain your teeth. Luckily, not every sauce as the potential to leave unsightly stains on your pearly whites. More specifically, sauces with rich colours are far more likely to cause this type of damage. 

Luckily, you do not have to skip out on sauce to keep your smile looking great. Whenever possible, you should opt for a white or creamy sauce instead of tomato or curry based ones. However, if this is not a practical option for you, it is vital to brush your teeth immediately after eating these sauces. The pigments can start staining your teeth within a matter of hours, and brushing can help remove these pigments before they cause damage to your smile. 

Acidic Drinks

While almost everyone knows that coffee and tea can lead to major tooth discoloration, there are other beverage options that can be almost as damaging to your smile. Beverages that contain a high amount of acid can eat through the enamel on your teeth. Lemonade, wine, beer and most other beverages that have a tart taste can lead to this type of damage. 

Fortunately, you do not have to always avoid these drink options. By brushing immediately after consuming them, you can remove the acids before they are able to breakdown your teeth's enamel. Also, if you are wanting an added layer of protection against this form of damage, you should attempt to drink these beverages using a straw. This simple trick will help minimize the contact between the beverage and your teeth.  

A bright and healthy smile is one of the most important features on your face, but many people do not realize that there are many foods that can cause cosmetic problems for their teeth. By avoiding colour rich sauces and acidic drinks, you can reduce the chances that your smile encounters these problems. However, if you can not avoid these food options, you should brush immediately after eating to prevent the pigments and acids from negatively affecting your teeth. Contact your dentist more more tips and advice.