Four Reasons You Should Trust 3D Printers for the Best Smile

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Four Reasons You Should Trust 3D Printers for the Best Smile

20 December 2016
Health & Medical , Blog

The 3D printing market and the healthcare industry are intertwined tightly. Additive manufacturing is helping orthodontists and dentists become more efficient and precise. From retainer and bridges to crowns, 3D printing is revolutionizing dental care.

The technology ensures the production stage enjoys the remarkable benefits of digital design.

The following are some of the reasons you should trust 3D printers for a great smile:

3D printers are accurate

When using 3D printers, dental work is completed on site. There's no need to send dental molds to the lab. Unlike the ordinary dental procedures that might be uncomfortable and time-consuming, the use of 3D printers provides a dentist with an accurate guide.

A dentist uses a specialized 'wand' to scan your mouth. He or she then feeds the information directly to a computer to create a 3D image. By doing that, the dentist is able to examine every minute detail carefully thus ensuring there are no inaccuracies or gaps.

3D printers are faster

With 3D technology, there's no goop required. No one is into filling his or her mouth with a sticky goop that accompanies the creation of dental molds. A dentist utilizes intra-oral scanning to obtain a concise view of the mouth. He then uses the information to create clear trays that straighten your teeth.

Bottom line: rather than spending more time on a dental chair, more of your time will be on showing off your brand new smile.

Clear-cut invisible braces and retainers

Complete and accurate 3D printed models are handy in fabricating an array of orthodontic devices such as clear aligners, indirect bonding, expanders, retainers, mouth guards, splint therapy etc. 3D printers not only provide dentists with the needed trays within short time frames, but real time replacements whenever they're lost.

3D printers boast incredible detail

Did you know that 3D printers have the ability to create precise copies down to six microns? How small is that, you might ask. Well, for comparison, there are approximately 25,400 microns within one inch. Pretty astounding, isn't it? Now, just imagine how the attention to detail can boost your smile!

Forward thinking and tech savvy laboratories are optimizing their dental offerings to clients through 3D printing and orthodontic dentistry. By adopting 3D printing, dentists can decrease time-costly and labor-intensive practices. They can also be able to increase both efficiency and profitability.

Clearly, 3D printing is handy to any dental practice, whether general or cosmetic dentistry. It helps you enjoy high quality, accurate and real time results.