Why You Need To Trust Robotic Surgery

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Why You Need To Trust Robotic Surgery

29 December 2016
Health & Medical , Blog

If your doctor has told you that you need to undergo surgery, he or she might have mentioned something to do with robotic surgery. It's normal to be confused or wary about robotic surgery. In fact, many people are yet to believe that it's better compared to traditional surgery.

Here are some of the reasons you should trust robotic surgery:

Robotic surgery boasts greater precision

Just imagine the accuracy of a robot and the brain of a man working together to produce the most clear-cut surgical procedure. Undoubtedly, the results are breathtaking. That's exactly what robotic surgery allows you to experience. Whether it's a urological procedure or complicated cardiac surgery, robotic assisted surgery is able to cut many risks and side effects associated with the conventional method.

For example, after undergoing a prostectomy, the conventional procedure might impair the ability of a man to have an erection. In contrast, under robotic surgery, the risk is negated because of the precision of the surgery.

Robotic surgery is handy in many surgeries

Be it a complex cardiac surgery, ENT procedure, gynecological procedure or even gastrointestinal procedure, robotic surgery can handle them all. Due to its ability to conform to most body organs, it's growing in popularity.

Major procedures such as gynecological surgery, heart surgery, and removal of tumours would conventionally need a scalpel to make deep and large cuts in the body. However, with robotic surgery, all that can be done with robotic arms.

Robotic surgery is less painful

When it comes to robotic assisted surgery, there's no need for a large open cut. Surgeons make small incisions around an area and then insert probes through that. The fact that this kind of surgery is minimally invasive means it results in lesser pain and/or discomfort to the patient.

Robotic surgery boasts less chances of infection and quicker recovery

Small-sized incisions greatly reduce infection risks. Furthermore, they reduce the healing time of wounds thus making sure you get back to your feet at the earliest. All these combined relate directly to shorter hospital stays as well as less dependency on other folks.

Robotic surgery provides surgeons with a 3D view

The robotic surgery system brings with it a vision system. A 3D, high definition endoscope is part of the vision system. It offers high quality images to the area of operation. Surgeons enjoy a magnified 3D view that's significantly better compared to what the naked eye can see. Ultimately, surgeons are able to perform operations that are more clear-cut.

Of great importance is to note is that it's a surgeon that controls the robot during robotic surgery. The two work together to help you undergo a lesser invasive process.