Dentist: Children's Procedures You May Need to Consider

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Dentist: Children's Procedures You May Need to Consider

6 January 2017
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When it comes to children's teeth, the primary concern parents tend to have is ensuring that the baby teeth fall off on schedule to ensure that their children will have perfect teeth as they become older. However, this is not the old dental issue that you may have to address with your children; you also have to keep in mind that kids may not be fully adept at ensuring they uphold a good hygiene routine. As such, they become susceptible to a host of dental problems. Below are some of the different children's dental procedures that you may need to consider as your child becomes older.

Tooth removal

When it comes to tooth removal, most people assume it simply entails the extraction of baby teeth. The reality is that children may also require tooth extraction due to severe decay. It should be noted though that tooth removal in children due to reasons other than their baby teeth being due to fall out tends to be the last resort in their oral health This is because the premature extraction of a tooth could adversely affect the growth and spacing of their permanent teeth.

In the event that your child has developed extensive tooth decay and would have to opt for tooth removal to prevent the onset of a host of other oral problems, you should opt to have space maintainers put in the subsequent gap. You may also need to consider tooth removal if your child is suffering from teeth that are crowded, misalignment of their teeth as their permanent teeth grow and more.


This type of dental treatment is also referred to as pulp treatment. A child would require this dental procedure if the blood vessels and nerve endings located within the tooth have developed an infection. There are two main reasons why this infection may occur. The most common reason is due to trauma to the tooth, which subsequently leads to the exposure of the pulp. Another cause of infection is if your child's tooth had developed a cavity that went undetected for a significant amount of time, leading to the spread of the decay.

Some of the symptoms that would indicate your child would require a pulpotomy include chronic pain in their tooth, the presence of pus, swelling in the affected area and more. A major benefit of a pulpotomy is that it functions to preserve the structure of the baby tooth until it is ready to fall off, saving you the need for tooth extraction and having to resort to space maintainers until their permanent teeth grow in.