Working as a Physiotherapist in Australia: What You Need to Know

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Working as a Physiotherapist in Australia: What You Need to Know

18 January 2017
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Physiotherapists must be registered with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia in order to practice. Prior to 30 June 2010, physiotherapists trained in Australia were required to register with the registration board of the State or Territory in which they wish to practice.

This has now been superseded by the new national registration and accreditation scheme. Physiotherapists previously registered with a State or Territory Board had their registration automatically transferred to the new scheme. Renewal of registration for all physiotherapists is due annually by 30 November of each year.

A physiotherapist may hold general registration which entitles the practitioner to unrestricted practice or a limited type of registration which restricts the practitioner to supervised practice for postgraduate training or teaching and research purposes. Other forms of registration include the student and non-practising registrations.

Overseas trained physiotherapists are also required to comply with the requirement to register with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia. In addition to this, they must hold an appropriate visa from the Australian Immigration Department that entitles them to work in Australia. They must have their overseas qualification assessed by the Australian Physiotherapy Council in order to determine their eligibility for registration in Australia.

Overseas qualified graduates undergo an eligibility assessment designed to determine their suitability for further assessments. If successful, they are issued an interim certificate which entitles them to a limited registration for supervised practice for a period of 2 years. Further assessments in the form of written and clinical skills assessment are required for a final certificate which is a requirement for general registration.

Overseas trained physiotherapists holding qualifications which may be comparable to approved entry level qualifications in Australia may be eligible for registration under an equivalence of qualification pathway.

It is important to note that from 2015, health practitioners who declare having resided in another country apart from Australia for more than six months or who have a criminal history are required to undergo an international criminal history check. Effective 4 February 2015, this category of health practitioners must apply for the criminal history check from an approved supplier outside of Australia.

While patience may be required to find a suitable job, there are several web sites in Australia assisting people to find work. Applications for employment would normally include a detailed curriculum vitae and a covering letter justifying their suitability for the position. First time applicants must make a strong impression on their application to enable it stand out and attract the attention of the employers.

Most professional groups in Australia have associations which assist their members in various aspects of their career. The physiotherapists are no exception. The Australian Physiotherapy Association web site helps in finding advertised physiotherapy jobs in Australia. Working as a physiotherapist in Australia can be fun. The country has a warm climate and a motivating working culture.