What Could Be Causing Your Neck Pain and What Should You Do?

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What Could Be Causing Your Neck Pain and What Should You Do?

8 March 2021
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Your neck contains muscles and part of your spine. If you are experiencing pain, it is most likely coming from these areas. The pain can be caused by an injury to your neck or bad posture. You can also strain your neck, causing sprained neck muscles. Here's what you should do if you are experiencing neck pain:

Visit Your General Doctor

Without expertise, it might be difficult for you to tell why your neck is hurting. An exam conducted by a trained specialist is a reliable way to tell why you are experiencing neck pain. Visit your general doctor for some tests. They may involve a hands-on examination, X-rays, ultrasounds and visual examination. Your doctor may also ask you several questions.


Based on the results of the examination and tests performed, your doctor may find that you have a minor advanced neck injury. Minor conditions can be treated through home remedies like icing, resting, exercise and massage. Your doctor might even prescribe some oral pain medication and massaging ointments.

However, advanced neck problems might need to be examined and treated by orthopaedists. These are specialists who are qualified and licensed to treat neck problems caused by spinal injuries and injuries in your muscles, tendons and ligaments. Your doctor will refer you to an orthopaedist if your test results indicate a more serious neck problem.

Orthopaedist Care and Treatment

An orthopaedist may want to carry out a new set of tests and even add a few more, for example, blood tests, electromyography (EMG) and lumbar puncture. Some of these tests might not be carried out; they may only be required if other tests show inconclusive results.

Based on the test findings, the orthopaedist may recommend therapy, conduct electrical stimulation, temporarily immobilise your neck, inject steroids in your neck or perform surgery.

Some neck problems might necessitate an orthopaedist to work with a neurosurgeon and a chiropractor. However, this is dependent on your particular condition. Therefore, let your doctor or specialist carry out the necessary tests, then inform you what your results show and what treatment is required.

Untreatable Pain

Though rare, it is not uncommon to find people who have neck pain that cannot be treated, only managed. If you fall under this category, your doctor will formulate a pain management schedule that may comprise exercises, therapy and medication. Acupuncture might even be recommended, but ensure you visit an acupuncturist registered under the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia.