Get Help: 5 Reasons For Your Chronic Back Pain

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Get Help: 5 Reasons For Your Chronic Back Pain

24 May 2022
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If you suffer from chronic back pain and you take medication for it on a daily basis, it's time for you to target the source of your discomfort. There's nothing wrong with treating chronic pain with over-the-counter pain medication from time to time. However, for effective treatment, you need to first identify the cause. If you're not sure how to identify the source of your chronic back pain, read the list provided below. Here are five common causes of chronic back pain. 

Muscle Weakness

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you might not get the exercise you need to stay healthy. Not only that, but your muscles may lose out on much-needed strength and flexibility. Unfortunately, the lack of movement and loss of muscle strength can also increase the risk for chronic back pain. Luckily, treatment is available to help you improve muscle strength, which will alleviate the pain. 

Repetitive Motion

If you participate in activities that involve repetitive motions, you could be at an increased risk for chronic back pain. This is especially true if the repetitive motion involves your back. Repetitive motions such as bending, stooping, or lifting, can put pressure on your lower back. When repetitive motions cause you to experience chronic back pain, you need to find ways to move. 

Aging Process

If you're getting older, now's the time to talk to your doctor about your lower back pain. As you age, you become more susceptible to age-related back pain. This is especially true where arthritis is concerned. Luckily, there are treatment options that can alleviate this type of chronic pain. However, you do need to discuss those options with your doctor. 

Poor Posture

If you don't focus on your posture, there's a good chance that you're going to be affected by chronic back pain at some point in your life. Unfortunately, pain medication won't alleviate the cause of your pain, which is poor posture. However, there are ways to improve your posture and reduce chronic back pain. 

Back Injuries

If you've been in an accident that left you with back injuries, and you need medication to alleviate the pain, it's time to talk to your doctor. Depending on the type of pain medication you're taking, you could develop a dependency. Unfortunately, dependency on pain medication can be difficult to overcome. Before you develop a dependency on pain medication, seek professional treatment for your chronic back pain.