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How to Look After Your Body

My name is Joshua. I've spent many years looking after my health. Once upon a time, back in university, I wasn't too keen on fitness or eating healthily and my body paid for it. I was at the doctor's office all the time. I finally got it through my head that I needed to take better care of myself. These days I take needed vitamins and supplements specific to my body's deficiencies and always try to exercise regularly. This blog is all about ways you can use both natural and traditional medicine and health routines to keep yourself looking and feeling great.


Dentist: Children’s Procedures You May Need to Consider

6 January 2017
Dentist, Blog

When it comes to children's teeth, the primary concern parents tend to have is ensuring that the baby teeth fall off on schedule to ensure that their children will have perfect teeth as they become older. However, this is not the old dental issue that you may have to address with your children; you also have to keep in mind that kids may not be fully adept at ensuring they uphold a good hygiene routine. Read More …

4 Oral Health Issues that HIV-Positive People Should Watch Out For

5 January 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Those suffering from HIV often avoid seeing the dentist since they fear having to disclose their condition and face a certain stigma. However, dentists understand how to work on the mouths of people with HIV, and even the standard sterilisation procedures will ensure that it isn't passed on to other patients. Furthermore, keeping an eye on oral health is even more important for people with HIV since the condition makes several problems more likely to occur, including: Read More …

How to help your child overcome fear of the dentist

3 January 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

For many young children, and even some adults, going to the dentist can be a scary and anxiety-inducing experience. This is especially true for toddlers visiting the dentist for the very first time. While a child throwing a tantrum may make for a bad headache and leads to some parents holding off their first appointment until later down the line, having your child visit the family dentist early is better for them in the long term. Read More …

Loose Teeth — Causes and Solutions

3 January 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

When one of your adult teeth becomes wobbly, it's very worrying. This clearly indicates a problem that requires urgent investigation by your dentist. But what causes adult teeth to become loose and how can your dentist solve the problem? Read on for more information. Causes of Loose Adult Teeth Apart from a traumatic injury, the main reason for loose teeth is damage to the ligaments that hold the teeth firmly in place in your jaw. Read More …

6 Tips To Help You Adjust To Life With Your New Braces

31 December 2016
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Braces are an excellent tool for providing a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile, but newly fitted braces can sometimes prove problematic for a variety of reasons. If you are thinking of having dental braces fitted, or have recently done so, follow these six simple tips to help you easily adjust to life with your new brace.  1. Allow yourself time to adjust. Be patient! As with anything new, braces will take some getting used to. Read More …